Challenge: Eliminate the waste and wait associated with standard water delivery system in custom-build LEED registered home.

Solution: Zurn Quik Port Manifold for domestic water distribtion.

Result: Thousands of gallons of water saved - plus LEED points for Water Conservation.

Trish Holder doesn’t know how many thousands of gallons of water she has personally wasted while waiting for warm water to arrive at the bathroom tap, but each time she washes her face in her newly built LEED registered home, she’s happily reminded that those days of senseless waste are over.

Ms. Holder and her husband Mark Raines chose a Zurn QickPort® Manifold system they wanted to avoid the waste associated with a typical “main and branch” system.

The Zurn QickPort System routes water directly from the hot water source to the individual fixtures via a multi-outlet manifold and multiple runs of half-inch PEX tubing. The tubing is flexible enough so that it can be installed without any elbows or fittings, so there are fewer potential leak spots hidden behind walls or above ceilings. Most important, only a small amount of water sits in this small diameter tube, which means less waste at the fixture.

“Like every other mom, I’ve watched thousands of gallons of water go down the drainwhile waiting for hot water to arrive,” said Ms. Holder. “You’re standing there and it givesyou time to think about the water your children may not have one day.”