Wool Worsted Rugs: Perfect for Pets and At Home Workouts!

My wool rugs still look despite 5 years of at home exercise and a household with pets.

By Trish Holder

A gym membership is not in my future; I exercise at home, most often with a worsted wool rug under my feet.

High quality wool area rugs have been my floor covering of choice for sometime, largely because they are perfect for pets, kids, and messy folk like us. Wool fibers in wool worsted rugs tend not to absorb moisture, but rather keep moisture and mess suspended at the surface, so clean-up is very simple and very successful.

Impact Exercise and Pets Allowed!
I took note of this in a previous blog that discussed my ongoing cat vomit problem. However, I remained unsure as to how well these rugs would stand up to my at home workout regime.

Exercising at home saves time, saves gas, and saves money – three things that are very important to me. But I love these beautiful rugs, so I worried that my almost daily aerobic activity (including impact exercise) might shred them prematurely. Well, 5 years and hundreds of home workouts later, I’m delighted to report that the worsted wool rug in my bedroom (where I usually exercise) still looks great. In fact, it looks brand new.

Cleaning Wool Rugs
Wool area rugs require special cleaning – don’t dare let your regular carpet cleaner come in and steam one like cotton or polyester rugs. A fine rug dealer can recommend the best firm for picking up, cleaning, and delivering your quality wool rugs. That’s the downside, because you will have to live without your floor covering for a week or so and having a wool rug professionally cleaned is not cheap. But because they clean up so well, you really only need to have the rugs cleaned every few years, depending on the traffic a given area rug receives. I’ve had the rugs in our family room, master bedroom, and my office cleaned once in a 5-year period. It cost a few hundred dollars to have all three cleaned. I can live with that because I expect that these rugs will serve my family for a lifetime – perhaps a few lifetimes.

Sustainable Rugs with No Banned Pesticides!
My American made wool worsted rugs are also a wonderfully sustainable. The wool fibers in these rugs are harvested from sheep that are raised and cared for on farms in New Zealand where no internationally banned pesticides are used. New Zealand wool is also a renewable and biodegradable fiber.

All of that green stuff is great – but I promise you I wouldn’t be singing the praises of wool rugs if I hadn’t experienced their durability firsthand. In my world, floor coverings have to stand up to family pets, aerobic activity, and host of other offenses. These wool area rugs have. If only I aged so well!

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  1. Good evening, Trish
    Excellent article.
    WOW! If I ever purchase an area rug, you can be that it will be a wool area rug just because of how well they have held up to your pets, aerobic activity and your other offenses.
    Excellent article and testimonial for wool area rugs.
    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with wool area rugs.
    Del Barbray
    Broker Associate
    Weichert, Realtors-Galster Group

  2. Yes I use wool rugs. We have wood floors. I bought the rugs second hand. I am very concerned about the chemicals we are exposed to in the Wall to Wall carpets. Mostly made from polyester which is oil based . Arycrilic carpets have a bunch of other chemicals too. Fire retardant. If you are having allergies your carpets might be part of the cause. I want us to stop using plastic in our homes.

  3. Trish, as usual you are spot on (pun intended). We have Persian rugs that have been in our family for 3 generations and although they are starting to wear a bit, in my mind this just adds to their beauty. We have also had good success with some rugs that are machine made but still 100% wool.

    Since our company is in the vintage wood business and a lot of the re-purposed wood we sell winds up in hardwood or antique pine floors, I also appreciate the beauty of wood floors combined with wool rugs. To me it just say “classy”. Our older rugs have lots of colors in them including quite a bit of reds and blues, we have been through five kids and at least that many dogs with them and the bright colors are still there. They also seem to go with any style of decor. From dorm room to elegant living rooms.

    Best of all, high quality rugs will appreciate if purchased at a competitive price. More than I can say for a lot of thing I have invested in over the last few years.

  4. I have 2 oriental wool rugs and with the cats and all they do, they still look good. My Mom has several small wool rugs that run on the wood floors on the second floor. They are generations old and although they are looking a bit thin in places, the color is still there. I can’t imagine buying anthing else.

  5. It seems like you know what you are doing and talking about. When it comes to rugs and carpets, proper maintenance is a key to maintain the original look and beauty of your carpets/rugs.

  6. What type of non chemical cleaning do we ask for when we send out the rug for cleaning?

    • Hi Laura,

      That’s a good question. I know there are “green” cleaning options for wool and oriental rugs — and the process they used on my rug may have been non-chemical. But I need to check it out, and when I find out, I will write about it. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, do so now so you won’t miss it. I’ll try to remember to let you know directly, too.


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