Upcycled Wood Chandelier Puts New Spin on Old Stuff

Upcycled Chandelier

Upcycled Chandelier from Born Again Wood Works

By Trish Holder

At Greenspiration Home, we don’t discriminate based on size.  It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large US manufacturer, we simply love featuring interesting and beautiful American made décor – even if your store resides only on ETSY.com.  Case-in-point is this upcycled wood chandelier with cage lighting made with reclaimed wood by Born Again Wood Works.

Amber and Dustin Schumacher started building home décor items using reclaimed materials several years ago when Dustin’s carpentry business slowed along with the construction market in southern California.

“I started asking my husband to help me design some new things for our house using old things like used and weathered lumber and my stash of mason jars I love so much,” said Amber.

And so Born Again Wood Works was….well….born!

From Out of the Woodpile…

Amber and Dustin collaborate on the design of their items, but Dustin is the true woodworker.  Amber laments the fact that pictures don’t do justice to her husband’s attention to detail.

“Dustin’s craftsmanship is impeccable. He really takes pride in every detail of every piece. I’m not sure people know how intricate some of our designs are, such as the herringbone and chevron patterns.”

We appreciate the detail, as well as the creative functionality in all of the unique items that Born Again Wood Works sells on their ETSY site at bornaginwoodworks.etsy.com.  It’s hard to believe these treasures begin with parts and pieces scavenged from a wood shop floor and rubbish piles in the desert.  We’re eager to see what Dustin and Amber come up with next, including whatever they decide to make from the cast out rail parts they’ve been stockpiling lately!

Cheers to the rebirth of old stuff and all those American craftsmen that work hard to repurpose, reuse, and recycle!



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  1. Good article, recycle more! Check out Varaluz Lighting too.

  2. Pretty good project. I find that the “repurposing” movement is gaining traction here in Canada as well.

    Do you have a way to upload pics of other people’s projects? I completed a nice one last fall. It was a privacy wall on a deck. Materials used came from four sources, and even has opening louvered windows made from old but nice bifold doors.

    Let me know, and I can detail the project out for you and supply pics.

    Your Local Handyman

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