Try Recycled Wallpaper Christmas Trees for a Complementary Colour Scheme!

Christmas trees made from recycled wallpaper

By Trish Holder

Ever wonder what you could do with leftover wallpaper so all that pretty colour and pattern doesn’t go to waste?  Well, “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” is my Christmas mantra of late and since I love paper crafts I decided to combine the two to make wallpaper Christmas trees that match the colour scheme of my home.

A Christmassy – Yet Complementary Colour Scheme

It makes sense, right?  I mean, how often do the traditional colors of Christmas blend seamlessly with our own décor? Not very often.  But most of us have leftover elements (paint, fabric, wallpaper, etc.) that DO match our color scheme.  These elements can be combined with a little gold, a silver, etc. to make an elegant Christmas craft.

We didn’t use any wallpaper in the Greenspiration Home, so I went by a local wallpaper store where they were happy to let me walk off with a retired wallpaper book for free.  Inside there were any number of patterns that fit my home’s color scheme of blue, gold, and brown.

My goal was to avoid buying ANYTHING to make something that I would proudly display in my home.  I came up with these freestanding wallpaper Christmas trees using leftover cardboard from the packaging that coincidentally was included with my home’s LEED Silver certificate from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  Using a craft blade and a pattern I created from a recycled file folder, I cut out this simple, contemporary Christmas tree shape from the wallpaper and cardboard.  I simply decoupaged the wallpaper to both sides of the cardboard after I had created a slight bend in it by first scoring it slightly with a blade.

Finishing Touches for My Paper Craft

I didn’t want the rough edges of the cardboard to show, so I went outside and cut some of the most flexible shrubbery branches I could find that were about the same thickness as the cardboard.  I hot glued the thin branches to the sides of the tree and quickly assembled a little twig star out of the same material, again using hot glue to hold the pieces together and affix to the tree.

I made three wallpaper Christmas trees in coordinating colours.  The backs are a different pattern, but are still complementary colours – something you will have plenty of if you happen to find a retired wallpaper book.  I had a lot of leftover paper from these wallpaper books, so I’m keeping them around for future ideas.  It won’t go to waste because I know what I don’t use I can easily donate to a local school or pre-school for craft purposes, or even to the interior design school at a local university.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your creative ideas for on how to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” leftover wallpaper or wallpaper waste while incorporating it your holiday décor.


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  1. Love these Trish!!! I’d want them up all winter long. Had to share. I’m on a mission to drastically limit the number of fake trees sold each year by replacing them with creative, fun, green ideas. This idea is perfect!!

  2. Glad you liked the idea Monica. I’m knocking around some other wallpaper decor ideas and with a little luck I may be able to get them up before Christmas!

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