Thibaut Fine Furniture…. for the “Jackie O” in Us All!

American made sofa

Brighton Sofa by Thibaut

By Trish Holder

Greenspiration Home’s American Made Décor “Pick-of-the-Week”

I know what you’re thinking.  This sofa is formal, feminine, and far too pretty to be comfortable.   Indeed, it does have an air of formality and an elegant femininity about it – but this is the most comfortable sofa I had the pleasure of sitting on during my four days at the Spring Furniture Market in High Point, NC.  And I sat on a lot!

In fact, I could sit on this “Brighton Sofa” from Thibaut Fine Furniture, our American Made Pick-of-the-Week, all day long. The comfort comes from the spring down seat cushions, considered the finest in the industry – a standard on most pieces of the Thibaut line. The sofa is wonderfully proportioned to provide a lot of sitting room without the bulk of large rolled arms that frequently take up more space than a homeowner anticipates.

While I’m sitting on this elegant sofa (pretending I’m Jackie Onassis) I’ll probably be thinking about all the American sourced materials and craftsmanship that went into it.  Truly, Thibaut does more to source American made materials for their upholstered pieces than any furniture company I have encountered so far – right down to the American born ducks from which the down feathers came.   The New Jersey based company, world-renowned for its wallpaper designs (still printed in New Jersey on vintage wallpaper presses) makes all of its furniture in Hickory, North Carolina.  The hardwood frames are made from kiln-dried poplar and maple harvested from sustainable forests in the United States.   Even the turned legs are made in North Carolina, a labor-intensive detail that most furniture manufacturers outsource.  It is rare to find whole furniture lines that are still made in the USA – much less those that include nearly all American materials.

A Unique Aesthetic
This was one showroom at the High Point Market I wish everyone could have seen.  The furniture was just that special.  If it were a living thing, I’d say it had good breeding, from the slender lines to the subtle paint finishes to the delectable selection of fabric patterns and textures. 

Amazingly, this was Thibaut’s official launch into the world of furniture manufacturing.  It was evident that a lot of care had been taken with the aesthetic design, a wonderful thing to see from an American furniture manufacturer.   This, of course, was no accident.

“Thibaut decided to get into the furniture business because we saw an opportunity to fill a very specific void,” says Molly McDermott Walsh of Thibaut.  “The furniture designs are thoroughly Thibaut and reflect our image of crisp, clean lines and fresh, timeless designs.  Adding a furniture line is a natural extension of the fine products that Thibaut already offers,” says Walsh.

You can view other Thibaut creations and obtain names of local dealers at the Thibaut website.  You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. It is great to see a real American company making quality products.

  2. Nice to see you spotlighting American made products. Our company sells a lot of “green” supplies and we love to point out the environmental, and economic, benefits of buying domestically produced goods. It’s so important we even have a “Made in the USA” page on our website. Keep up the good work!

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