The Spirit of Asheville LIVES in Furnishings from The Old Wood Co.

Scotch cocktail table from The Old Wood Co.

Scotch cocktail table from The Old Wood Co.

By Trish Holder

Bourbon?  Scotch?  Moon Pie?

You can pick your poison when it comes to furnishings from The Old Wood Co. It’s all aged to perfection, from the two-top scotch cocktail table to the Moon Pie side table.   Character, craftsmanship, and an occasional bit of whimsy season each and every piece from this American furniture manufacturer, located in a 10,000-square foot space in the River Arts District of Asheville.

Whether it’s a dining table or an accent piece, the emphasis is on wood, both reclaimed and new, but finished in ways that illuminate every square inch of character.  Many of The Old Wood Co. pieces also feature structural and decorative metal work made from reclaimed steel.   All are hand crafted by classically trained woodworkers, wood finishers, blacksmiths, metalworkers and/or metal finishers.

Moon Pie Table

Moon Pie Table

Where Else But Asheville?

Darren Green, founder of The Old Wood Co., tapped into the deep riches of Asheville’s artisanal talent early on.

“I began the business in Florida but after 3 months moved the entire operation to Asheville to take advantage of that long tradition of woodworking and craftsmanship.  I have found very talented people tucked away in all corners of western NC,” said Green.

The Old Wood Co. maintains sustainable manufacturing practices from top to bottom.   In addition to using reclaimed and sustainably harvested materials, the company uses only non-toxic, natural finishes, works under 95% LED lighting, and practices company-wide paper recycling.  Of course, employee buy-in is easier when locals hold their surroundings in such high esteem.  Asheville is known for coveting environmental beauty as well as craftsmanship.

Tequila Shot Buffet Tray

Tequila Buffet is handcrafted from beams of wormy chestnut salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the southern Appalachians.

It all makes for a surprisingly effective selling proposition as imported furnishings continue to lose favor despite their lower cost.

“As the imported market continues to grow, consumers will be forced to find domestic manufacturers to provide them with the quality and options that so many desire.  Our customers want something that their neighbor doesn’t have. They want pieces specifically designed for their home or commercial space.  It’s about giving people options.  That’s how we compete in this global market.”

In that case, I’ll be waiting for my California chardonnay barstool….


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