The “Fine Art” of Selecting an American Made Gift

Gentle Passage by William MangumBy Trish Holder

Well, I did it.  I presented my niece and her new husband with their wedding gift – and can now unveil this American made treasure to my audience.  It is a limited edition art print by North Carolina artist, William Mangum, called “Gentle Passage.”  It is a painting of a North Carolina intracoastal waterway and a scene that is so very familiar to me.  Hopefully it will bring my niece fond memories of the many vacations our family has shared on the Carolina coast.

This particular scene makes me think of that tired but happy sojourn to find a good seafood restaurant after a full day on the beach.   Crossing the bridge to the mainland on any North or South Carolina beach, you can look back over your shoulder and see a scene just like this.  It is a very different coastline from that of San Francisco where my niece lives.  I like to think of her having a piece of home hanging on her wall.

Mindful Shopping = Soulful Giving
I promised myself I would enjoy the process of finding the perfect American made wedding gift and I did. I had a few simple criteria for selecting this gift.  I wanted to find something that was made in the U.S. – preferably North Carolina — and something that would impart a strong connection with home.  I wanted it to have value but by that I don’t necessarily mean financial value.  Rather, I wanted it to be something my niece would want to pass on to her children.

I found this print with the help of my dear friend, Joy Ross, who is the Gallery Director at the William Mangum Fine Art in Greensboro, NC.  So not only did I find what I believed to be the perfect gift, I had the pleasure of giving a local business and friend some business.

The selection of this gift provided a great “kickstart” to my holiday season. I think I’ve enjoyed “giving” more this year than ever.  And it all started because I wanted to find that special American made wedding gift.  I couldn’t do it with every Christmas gift I purchased this year, but I did it when I could.  Hopefully, through Greenspiration Home’s continued emphasis on American made building materials and décor products for the home, we’ve inspired a few of you to do the same this holiday.

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