Do You Own Your Home or Does Your Home Own YOU?

Simplify home management and operation with HomeNavTM!

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FanADticWith HomeNav’s interactive online guide, all of the maintenance, warranty, and operational information for your home’s systems, appliances, and components is just a click away! Handy for when the dishwasher breaks, the filter needs changing or…well, you get the picture.

Easily access targeted web resources on home topics you need. All this…and more…FREE for homeowners. Check out the the HomeNavTM video to learn how to get started.

HomeNav™ – an owner’s manual for every home.

Why Sustaining Spaces is a FanADtic
The founders of HomeNav and Greenspiration share a passion and commitment to educate and inform homeowners. Join us to learn how to make your home better, healthier, and greener.

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