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Homeowner's Journal

February 19 , 2009

My Greenspiration Valentine
I have a secret: We’re IN.

Thing is, I’ve got a little ways to go before I catch everyone up on what all has gotten us to this point. For now, suffice to say, we love the house. On a rare night out alone (just last Saturday night on Valentines Day) I sat with my husband in a restaurant and we talked about what we liked the best about living in our new home. I said I loved the floor plan.  Mark said he loved the KitchenAid microwave/convection oven.  (We’ve yet to realize the full potential of any of our new appliances because we haven’t had time to read all the instructions but we are enjoying many of the bells and whistles of that oven!)

Tree HuggerMy husband Mark didn't ask for any of this...but here he is, scraping paint off a reclaimed mantle. 

Speaking of Valentines, I’m dedicating this journal entry to mine: My sweet, sweet husband Mark, who hasn’t once complained about how this not-so-little adventure into our highly public green building project has inconvenienced him or temporarily wrecked our family routine. Imagine, if you will, a family of four with two working parents – one of whom drives 45 minutes to work each weekday.  Now add to that the stress of building a new home and then moving into it.  Make that a GREEN home. While you’re at it, let’s pretend you’re going to fully promote this home, making it into a complete educational endeavor with open houses, events, editorial, etc.  Oh—and while all this is going on—you’re still trying to feed, clothe, and take two children to what seems like 40 soccer practices and games a week.  (F.Y.I., Mark also assistant coaches my son’s Classic level soccer team.)

Tree HuggerMy $100.00 mantle--after about 30 hours of hard labor later.  Was that a bargain or not?  Hmmm....

I confess that none of Greenspiration stuff was Mark’s idea. But he has fully supported (in more ways than one!) the whole grand scheme. When I brought home an antique mantle, delighted with myself that I got it for just $100.00, he was the one that scraped off most of the 5 or 6 layers of paint that stood between what it was and what it was to become.  He’s the one that made enough homemade Brunswick stew to feed over two dozen builders who came to the Greenspiration Home for a Builder Lunch & Learn. He’s the one that did most of the packing, moving, and heavy lifting.  He’s the one that still manages to put both the kids to bed and kiss them goodnight, even when I’m too tired to climb the stairs.  He is…well… .THE ONE.

So, since last Saturday night, I’ve reconsidered what I love most about this new, energy efficient, NC-built green home.  It’s the man and the two children that share it with me.



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