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GREENSPIRATION Home makes more news —
From One Homeowner to Another

“Our Nature Nurture Day” open house series has ended. Click here for information about arranging for a private tour of the Greenspiration Home.

What is a GREENSPIRATION home?

is a showcase home for modern green building practices that do not undermine the comfort, beauty, or budget of a traditional upper middle-class home.

Greenspiration is a work in progress, not due for completion until Winter 2009. So visitors to this website have the opportunity to share the owners’ journey as they make critical decisions regarding design, HVAC systems, building materials, and more.

Along the way, there will be announcements, articles, product demonstrations, on-site training for builders and contractors, and open houses. Check back here for the latest Greenspiration news.

Real World Credibility
Greenspiration aspires to be a high performance home that fits seamlessly into an existing suburban neighborhood. Typical in every other way, Greenspiration is completely owner driven. There are no universities, no associations, no governmental institutions making the decisions, only the owners themselves. Neither the builder nor the owners have any background in green homebuilding, just a willingness to learn.

The point? If they can do it, so can you.

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