Shine by S.H.O. Wing Chair Is Sustainable And American Made

Yves Wing ChairBy Trish Holder

Sophisticated.  Unique.  And, oh yes, domestic.

These are all apt descriptions for Greenspiration Home’s latest American Made Pick-of–the-Week, this lovely Yves Wing Chair from Shine by S.H.O., a furniture manufacturer whose designs are as unique as its name.

Just to be clear, the “S.H.O.” stands for Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz, furniture designer and owner of Shine By S.H.O.  Clearly, you don’t incorporate your name into your brand unless you plan on bringing something very special to the marketplace.  This is where Shine…. well…. shines, by creating designs that are acceptable to the mainstream yet unique enough to stand apart from a sea of imports.

The designs are sleek, contemporary and utterly distinctive.  It is a style that has won the brand coverage in a host of consumer and design magazines from O (Oprah’s magazine) to Elle Décor.  Not bad for a company with 5 fulltime employees.

More American Made Materials Options Would Be Nice….

Shine manufacturers all of its upholstered goods, artwork, and chandeliers in the United States.  According to Shine Creative Director, Courtney Trump, the company would like to source more of its materials from the U.S. but there have been challenges.

“Many of the domestic materials we find – especially organic fabrics—just aren’t very interesting,” said Trump.   “We would love it if there were more U.S. made, organic textiles that offered a truly unique look and texture.”

Currently, Shine sources its fabrics from all over the world, but has found some North Carolina fabric suppliers that they are eager to try out.  In fact, the imitation zebra hide featured on the Yves Wing Chair is made in North Carolina.

Style and Sustainability Set This Company Apart

The company is refreshingly upbeat and optimistic.  Unlike many companies that complain about California import regulations, Shine actually cites this as part of their sustainability initiative.  Even if they do use imported materials, California regulations (i.e. California Air Resources Board, known as CARB) are more stringent about material content and chain of custody.

In terms of sustainability, Shine not only focuses on materials, but also creating one-of-a-kind furniture that will endure the test of time.

“Really great furniture has a soul all its own,” said Courtney.  “This is the mark of an heirloom piece of furniture—something that you will never throw away, but pass down.  After all, it isn’t sustainable furniture if it ends up in a landfill.”

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