She Sells Sea Shells Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Hydrangeas made of sea shells

By Trish Holder

Artisanal spirit is something we truly celebrate at Greenspiration Home.  Fireworks explode when we find that spirit in products crafted by American artisans using American resources.  The ShellatierTM Collection from Karen Robertson has all that and more.  This line home accessories and art is made entirely of shells, most of which come from the eastern seaboard of the United States.

It Really IS Made of Shells

Now, we admit, shell art is not new, nor is it typically very exciting.  But imagine delicately handcrafted flora that looks so real you practically have to touch it before you realize it is made of shells.  And even then you’re not quite ready to believe.  That’s exactly how I felt staring at the succulents, hydrangeas, and other replicas in this collection.

Succulent made of sea shells

Succulent made of sea shells

The pieces are handmade by award winning shell artisans and are inspired both by actual plant life as well as Victorian art and antiques.  Designer Karen Robertson introduced her newest line based on succulents at the Fall Furniture Market.

“When I see an actual succulent I then search the type of shell that has the texture and form to create new succulents for the line,” said Robertson, whose designs have been featured in leading home décor magazines.

Botanical Art or Artisanal Botanicals?

art from sea shells

Sea shell artisan Frieda Jenkins at work.

The baby clam shell hydrangeas in lavender and white mesmerized us, each retaining the natural color of the shells from which they are made.  They are impossibly lifelike and truly exquisite.  These are more accessories.  They are true handmade works of art that beg to treasured for a lifetime.  Experience them in person and you may never buy a silk flower again.


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  1. Trish:

    This is truly amazing! Thanks for the post – and the creative beauty!

  2. How WONDERFUL, Trish! You continue to delight me with your “finds!” All best, Ellen

    • Hi Trish:
      Absolutely love it. Would love to purchase for my own home ! Will keep for future reference.
      Thanks for sending it to me.

  3. thats my frieda!!!! you are the.most talented woman i know

  4. Is that the ocean behind her, or just a lake?

  5. Love the idea & especially because I live near the water, and my decorating theme is blue. Will definitely check these out as hydrangea are beautiful but tough to establish, so we haven’t tried planting them at my new condo and I miss them.

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