“If YOU only knew what WE’VE already learned about Green Building….”

Greenspiration Home offers a variety of services guaranteed to improve the green building/renovating experience for both homeowners and builders.   Our experience, both within the green construction industry, as well as our own experience as green homeowners, will save you time and money as you navigate the confusing process of selecting and applying green products and strategies to your new or existing home.

For Homeowners and/or Builders

  • Private Instructional Tours Using the Greenspiration Home as a learning tool.
  • Personalized Consulting on green product options, water conservation in the home, selecting the right green building certification, and much more.

For Builders

  • Instructional presentations on how to enhance your reputation and credibility with consumers as a green builder.
  • Personalized consulting on product selection and troubleshooting.
  • Builder/Client Mentoring. Give your clients the benefit of another green homeowner’s experience!  We’ll work with you and your client throughout your custom build project, advising you on product selection and helping you qualify subcontractors. This is a value-added service that builders can offer to their clients as a way to differentiate themselves in a competitive residential market.

For Manufacturers

  • Product Testing/Blogging. Greenspiration is happy to try out new products for building, renovating or decorating green.  If we really like them, we’ll blog about them! If we don’t, we’ll give you private feedback on what would make them better.
  • Customer/Distributor Event Hosting. If you have a product in the Greenspiration Home and would like to arrange a onsite product demonstration/presentation for your clients we will be happy to host.

For Organizations

  • Trish Holder is available for speaking on a variety of topics related to green home building.*
  • Private Instructional Tours Using the Greenspiration Home as a learning tool.*


* Special discounts may apply to certain educational organizations.