Sectional Sofa From Norwalk Furniture Champions Sustainability and Localism

By Trish Holder

Milford Sectional from Norwalk Furniture

The word was S-E-C-T-I-O-N-A-L at this Spring’s High Point Furniture Market.

So we set our sites on an American made sectional to share as our American Made Pick-of-the-week, just in time for Monday night football (and the new season of American Idol, of course!)

The “Milford” sectional from Norwalk Furniture has what us seasoned couch potatoes really appreciate in a sofa:  comfort, versatility, and ample seating space.  It is a happy departure from those sofas that just looked spacious because of their space-consuming rolled arms.  This sofa easily seats two adults, two children, and a large dog, yet it will actually fit in the average size family room.  Plus, it is all American made, right down the upholstery fabric, woven in South Carolina.

Keeping It Local

If this sofa doesn’t give you a warm and cozy feeling inside, the Norwalk Furniture story surely will.  Referred to by as “the factory that refused to die” this century old manufacturer once employed nearly one-thousand workers at its 430,000 square feet factory in Norwalk, Ohio.  It was a major employer for the township for decades, but when the recession hit and competition from lower cost countries started to overwhelm the company, they actually closed the factory doors in 2008.  They just didn’t stay closed for long. A short time later group of 12 local families banded together to save the Norwalk icon and purchased the factory.  While production had to be scaled by significantly, the new owners were able to hire back nearly 100 of the workers.  At this writing, Norwalk employs 180 local citizens.

Like so many domestic furniture manufacturers, Norwalk has also made localism and sustainability core values.

“Our hardwood components come from a dozen or more local wood shops. Our accounting, tax preparation, insurance, and banking are all done locally with community owned businesses,” says Dan White, CEO or Norwalk.

Not only do they use local, sustainably harvested hardwood products, they also use recycled steel for metal components.  And they repurpose nearly all waste generated in the manufacturing process, including scrap hardwood frequently gets used heat employee homes in the winter!

So if you’re looking for a heat-warming story to cozy up with this fall, look no further than the story behind this and other great, upholstered pieces from Norwalk.  They’ve got cozy and heart warming covered.



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