Recycled Wine Barrels Make for Tasteful In-Home Tasting

Vineyard TableGreenspiration Home’s American Made Décor “Pick-of-the-Week”

By Carolyn Tierney

Ever visit a winery and enjoy a glass of wine amidst gorgeous views, rich wood grains, and wonderful fragrances?  And when you did, didn’t you wish you could have a little bit of that every single day? If so, you will love our latest Greenspiration Home American Made Pick-of-the-Week, this lovely “Vineyard Table” by Whit McLeod.

Commissioned by Chateau St. John vineyard, the Vineyard Table brings a little bit of Sonoma to your own wine tasting, whether you are in California or Detroit, Michigan. The base is built using repurposed oak wine tanks and the top is made from salvaged solid redwood from water tanks. Each table is made individually using superior craftsmanship and hand joinery, so each one varies ever so slightly. The wine tasting table even folds up conveniently for those unfortunate, non-wine moments.

An Appreciation For All Living Things
American furniture maker, Whit McLeod, began his career as a wildlife biologist.  The experience convinced him of the absolute necessity of sustainability to support a rapidly increasing population in the face of dwindling resources.  When he decided to start his own furniture company he chose to use reclaimed wood and materials instead of wood from existing forestlands.

According to Whit, reclaimed wood provides all the benefits of old-growth timber without the environmental costs.  The tooling marks, nail holes, and fastener marks of the reclaimed materials only add to the character and appeal.

Of course, it’s American hands that build all of the furniture in Whit’s manufacturing facility in Arcata, California. Patience and reverence for wood and design are prerequisites for anyone in the shop.  Take shop craftsman, John Intersimone.

“John brings an old world sensibility to the shop floor.  He’s a stickler for quality, to put it mildly. Which is exactly the kind of guy you want building furniture,” said Whit.

Indeed he is.  For more about Whit McLeod furniture check out


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  1. Those are really nice. the tilt top is great.

  2. Beautiful in thought and design…what is the finish? Natural or an environmental friendly varnish?

  3. Beautiful table. The tilt top is terrific.

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