Our Mission

Greenspiration Home seeks educate homeowners about green building, renovating, and decorating in an easy to understand, homeowner-to-homeowner format.

By sharing information based on actual homeowner experience, we hope to give homeowners the tools they need for the successful selection and application of a multitude of green strategies.  We want to empower homeowners with practical knowledge so that they can speak authoritatively to their builders and contractors about their green aspirations without be misled or discouraged.

Our Audience

Our audience is everyone who lives in or seeks to live in their own home.  We are not a builder resource; we are a homeowner resource.  We do not endeavor to tell people how to construct their homes; rather we share information about green strategies we have applied, studied and observed so that homeowners can learn from our experiences—both good and bad.

Our Perspective

We’ve been there. Building green is an exciting and challenging process. Homeowners are dependent on contractors and builders for technical guidance and execution. Unfortunately at this time, most builders and contractors are not up-to-speed on the green strategies that many homeowners want to apply.  From our perspective, this leaves the homeowner vulnerable to unnecessary expense and disappointment.  Greenspiration Home believes that a better-educated homeowner is the key to avoiding these pitfalls.

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