NYC Interior Designer Breathes NEW LIFE into the Greenspiration Home American Made Pick-of-the-Week Campaign!

I knew I’d struck gold when Carolyn Tierney, the new coordinator for the Greenspiration Home American Made Pick-of-the-Week campaign, told me I was starting to sound “bitter” and “burnt out.”

Carolyn Tierney, ASID Interior Designer

Carolyn Tierney, ASID Interior Designer

Even though the truth hurts sometimes, you’ve got to appreciate someone who can call it as she sees it, which is why Carolyn is the perfect person to bestow the Pick-of-the-Week honor on certain American decor manufacturers.

To Carolyn’s credit, she managed to say it nicely. Even a southern girl like me couldn’t pull that one off – not even if I ended it with, “Bless your heart.”  And Carolyn is from New York City!  Who knew such tact existed on the streets of Manhattan!

A LOT of Work
Carolyn was right.  I was beginning to feel a little overburdened by the Pick-of-the-Week campaign and the time I dedicate to it.  It is, after all, a laborious process that involves:

  • Weekly research to find a “special” piece of American Made furniture
  • Scheduling and carrying out an interview with appropriate company contact
  • Writing a feature release about the piece and the company
  • Distributing it through my professional newswire service (3BLMedia), and various other social media networks.

Anyone who writes or does PR for a living (as I do) gets that this is a lot professional time to donate.  But I was committed and I genuinely enjoyed learning and writing about each of these companies.  Doing it all alone, however, had become more than a labor of love.  It was about to kill me.

Bless you, Carolyn!
Enter in the “Florence Nightingale” of eco-friendly interiors, Carolyn Tierney.

Carolyn, one of New York’s foremost eco-interior designers, also believes that sourcing domestically (preferably locally) made décor dovetails seamlessly into any consumer’s choice to have a more environmentally responsible home.

She is the principle interior designer for ECOterior Solutions, a full service interior design and building consulting group.  She is a Certified Interior Designer with the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor NaSBAP, and a GREENleader AP with the Sustainable Furniture Council.  She has also been a guest lecturer at the prestigious Parsons School of design and worked as a member of the ASID National Sustainable Committee and co-chair to the ASID NY Metro Chapter Committee on Sustainability and Universal Design.

American made bed

Acanthus Bed from Amy Howard Collection – One of many Greenspiration Home American Made Picks!

That’s a mouthful, but really just a few of her professional credentials.  So I am thrilled that Carolyn has graciously stepped in as the official Greenspiration Home American Made Coordinator.  Not only does she have all of the design credentials (not to mention tact) that I lack, she sort of saved my life and the American Made Pick-of-the-Week campaign to boot.


High Point, Here We Come!
I’ll be making the rounds with Carolyn at this spring’s High Point Furniture Market where we will both be looking for more great American made furniture and décor items to feature as our Pick-of-the-Week.

Finally, for the first time ever, we’ll be posting our weekly “Picks” on the Greenspiration Home blog! Featured companies will also have the opportunity to have these blogs archived on the Greenspiration Home site, thus creating a great online resource for American furniture that is actually made in the usa.  Stay tuned for opportunities to sign up for a weekly email notifying you about each new American made selection!  And if you’d like to see our past selections, check out the entire American Made Pick-of-the-Week campaign on 3BLMedia.  Let us know your favorites!

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  1. Trish, Finally I have discovered the PERFECT use for Pinterest … as I don’t have time to go back & read all your American picks, but it would be fun to scan variety by looking at photos. I think you have a great opportunity here, to re-publish in a way, all your picks on Pinterest with links back to your site. Cool!

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