My Sustainable Favorites from the High Point Furniture Market

Wall hangings made from architectural elements

Ridley Stallings wall hangings made from architectural elements

By Trish Holder

I won’t lie.  I did a pretty poor job of covering the High Point Furniture Market this past week.  With only a few hours on three separate days to spare, I stuck to my favorite two buildings – Market Square and the International Home Furnishings Center IHFC. I didn’t come close to seeing everything in either of these buildings, especially not the three-and-a-half million square feet IHFC building.  But I did manage to pick out some furnishings that might intrigue my sustainability conscious readers.  Here are some of my favorites:

Savannah Georgia artist Ridley Stallings had several items in her booth that made me smile, especially these guitar wall hangings.  Stallings uses architectural elements salvaged from old southern homes to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.  The colors are bright and vibrant, and incorporate a lot of patina and texture.  These are the sort of pieces that look fabulous in any style home – from contemporary to country cottage.

Entertainment Console by Kincaid Furniture

Entertainment console by Kincaid Furniture with poplar bark panels

I loved this small entertainment console from Kincaid Furniture with its wonderfully textural bark panels made from cast off poplar bark.  Like all Kincaid furniture, the piece is solid wood – and that means not an ounce of pressed or composite wood anywhere.  This console, like all of Kincaid’s upholstered goods and an increasing number of case goods and wood furniture, is completely made in western North Carolina.

Recycled bike coffee table

Coffee table from The Recycler

If you’re an avid cycler, or simply love the movement and symmetry of man’s greatest invention, you owe it to yourself to check out The Recycler furniture and accessories.  If I was lucky or cool enough to live in a downtown loft, I’d love to put this coffee table in front of a big red sofa.  And, I’d find some interesting looking containers that fit neatly into the lower frame for snacks.  Or a potted plant.  Or the TV remote.  Anyway, the point is, this is the kind of table that excites the imagination and starts conversation.

Bar stools by All From Boats

Bar stools by All From Boats

This colorful barstool is completely made from reclaimed boat timbers salvaged from Indonesian islands such as Bali.  These pieces are made in Indonesia (I know, I know) but the manufacturer, All From Boats, has a great story and a true passion for old fishing boats that are no longer seaworthy. The company purchases the old boats for materials while employing former Indonesian fishermen to craft the furniture.  It has distributors all over the U.S., including a retailer in Hickory, North Carolina, called Warehouse 2120.  I actually visited this adorable little shop this weekend – a must do if you happen to be in the Hickory area.

Outdoor rocker by Shiner International

Pant rocker by Shiner International

My husband and I both loved this comfy outdoor rocker from Shiner – a company named in remembrance of the owner’s first black eye (at age 7).  Every piece of furniture that Shiner makes is constructed by hand in Marianna, Florida and most all of the materials they use are diverted from the landfill or incinerator.  We met the owner in the High Point showroom.  Seemed like a guy I’d like to know.  Very nice and very genuine; definitely not someone you’d want to punch in the eye.

Tree sculpture from Roberta Schilling

Tree sculpture from Roberta Schilling

The Roberta Schilling collection is one other import I’ll mention – simply because I just loved this tree made of hundreds of reclaimed items.  This Brazilian company has a stable of artists that create some pretty special art pieces and furnishings, using a lot of reclaimed materials.  I’m one of those people who could never have an artificial Christmas tree – but I’d be pretty tempted to string some lights on this to celebrate the season.  I might even be tempted to leave it up all year long.

American made pillows by Elaine Smith

American made pillows by Elaine Smith

I loved the American-made fabrics in this line of pillows from Elaine Smith – all of which are also made in the US.  The pillows are indoor/outdoor and pretty darn indestructible.  So, they great choice if you are like me and have kids and pets, and can’t ever remember to bring anything in from out of the rain.

Floorcloth by Kathy Cooper

Floorcloth by Kathy Cooper

Finally, I’ve always loved floorcloths and was delighted to see them back on the scene when I encountered Kathy Cooper Floorcloths.  Everything in this North Carolina artist’s booth was fun and whimsical – but not silly.  These floorcloths, for all their color and personality, were somehow sophisticated as well, perhaps because they were so skillfully crafted.  I’m ashamed to admit I’d never heard of Kathy Cooper – and she’s practically a neighbor in Winston-Salem.  Now I’m going to have to make a point of visiting her studio….

This is far from all that I saw at Market.  I’ll be sharing more about these companies and others in the Greenspiration Home American Made Pick-of-the-Week series.  Stay tuned.  I continue to be so very inspired by the creativity that truly seems to be flourishing on American soil – and in some cases, my own backyard!


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  1. Shiner rocker…rocks it. (sorry, it was too easy…)

  2. Hi Trish:
    Love the Recyler twin coffee table. Very cool.

  3. I love the rocker!

  4. I like those barstools. They’re similar to the dining tables at Greensboro’s Whole Foods.

    I only look at mattresses at furniture markets, but Savvy Rest in Charlottesville, Va., made its High Point Market debut in the IHFC and they make a nice “all natural” bed collection–organic cotton and wool, natural latex …

  5. Liked the pillows, although I tell myself every time I look at something like that that I have a room full of fabric I could easily use to make whatever pillows I like. Floor cloth is fun and vibrant; but I have to chime in on the gorgeous, really comfy-looking rocker–it’s a winner.

  6. Love the pant rocker by Shiner, too cool!

  7. Bicycle wheel table, hands down.

  8. I have to vote for more than one, I am sorry, but here’s to Ridley, Kincaid, All From Boat, Shiner, Elaine and Kathy.

    I was at the Market on Monday but did not see you!

  9. I like recycle art when possible as long as it is recycled from natural materials. The pillows and rug hanging on the wall caught my attention. Love those colors.

  10. I’m voting coffee table

  11. Great rocking chair!

  12. I really like to recycled end tables and my second would be the colorful and useful bar stools. Great job!

  13. Rocker is unique and interesting. My fav

  14. The TV stand & rocker look great!

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