Looking for Some Cool, Environmentally Friendly, American Made Furniture? Meet Dust Furniture!

Dust Furniture Stacked CabinetThe cute, quirky creations from Dust Furniture literally called to me from across a High Point showroom floor when I attended this spring’s Furniture Market.  I mean, how could I possibly ignore these colorfully askew storage and accent pieces with all that Dr. Suess flair?  Talk about your conversation pieces!

I always attend the High Point (NC) market hoping to find some really special American-made furniture because helping consumers to discover more domestically made options is among Greenspiration Home’s founding values.  Upon learning more about this charming Midwest furniture maker and their fastidiously environmental manufacturing processes, I felt like I’d struck green gold.

Not only is all Dust Furniture designed and manufactured in Valparaiso, Indiana, the company goes to great lengths to source North American grown wood and other materials, which not only helps our domestic economy but helps keep transport emissions down.  These are two biggies for me, but the rest of Dust Furniture’s sustainability story is equally impressive.  You can check out their website for the full story, but rest-assured that this company uses only water-based paints, has all sorts of operating practices in place to help them minimize wood waste in their factory, and they use a water-based, industrial grade clear coat that meets some heavy hitting standards for indoor environmental quality and human health considerations.

Dust Furniture exemplifies what I think it takes for an American made furnishings company to make a go of it in a market that is flooded with cheap, imported furnishings.  First, it’s incredibly unique.  I mean, come on!   Look at those colors and shapes!  They also pay a lot of attention to detail; I ran my hand over the finishes and they were like butter to the touch.  Finally, the company has a great name:  Dust Furniture!

Dust Furniture Apple Green ClockI had to ask owner and craftsman Vincent Leman where the name came from and here’s what tells me:

“I’m am part artist & part engineer, but when it comes to naming things I’m ALL engineer!  I tend to number things rather than name them.  Jessie, my wife, [and Dust Furniture partner] is a left-brained graphic designer and MUCH better at naming things.  So the name “Dust” is all her.  She thought if we stamped “Dust Furniture” on all of our pieces it would be a clever (albeit tongue-in-cheek) way to remind people to keep their furniture tidy!”

Well, the name might not help me remember to dust my furniture (nothing short of gluing a feather duster to my hand could!) but it will make me remember this company and its delightfully quirky furniture.

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  1. Cool. Looking forward to getting the email newsletter. Great stuff and very interesting. Several items you may want to research and feature are Superior Walls, SIPS, and Aerated concrete – all great building materials that are long lasting, renewable, extremely strong and very energy efficient.

    - Graham

  2. i love your site and the info you share. and these Dr. Seuss-like furniture pieces are so super rad!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about environmentally made furniture.



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