LittleFootprint Lighting’s HeronLED Personal Task Light brightens your home office and reduces your carbon footprint

Heron LEDThe Idea
When she founded LittleFootprint Lighting in 2009, Nancy Wahl-Scheurich knew she wanted to create truly “green” LED task lighting. It had to use a replaceable LED bulb as the light source, had to be made of recycled materials, had to be ENERGY STAR qualified, and definitely would be made in the USA.  But she also knew that in order to make an impact, lots of her lamps would have to be sold, which meant that the product must attract customers because of its beauty, the quality of light it would produce, and the overall value it would provide – not just because of its environmental benefits.

The Product
With the HeronLED Personal Task Light, all those goals were met – and more! Arguably the “greenest” LED desk lamp available today, the HeronLED Personal Task Light combines exceptionally sustainable design with quality, functionality, and style which enhances home or office decor.

  • First desk lamp made in USA to have earned the ENERGY STAR under the latest specification – certified to have met very high energy and quality standards for LED task lighting
  • Uses 7 to 10 times less energy than a comparable incandescent lamp – saves energy and money!
  • The body of desk lamp is made from recycled e-waste and the base is made from made-in-USA recycled steel. 58.4% of the entire fixture is made of recycled content – keeps e-waste out of landfills and saves energy at manufacturing stage
  • Features a high-quality, replaceable LED bulb with a lifetime of at least 15 years (if on 8 hours a day) – reduces wasted materials and maintenance costs
  • Ergonomically designed, easily adjustable – provides the recommended amount of warm white light where you want it on your work space
  • Won Honorable mention in prestigious Lighting for Tomorrow competition which recognizes outstanding lighting products that save energy and have aesthetic appeal – the judges have spoken!

CEO Nancy Wahl-Scheurich describes how LittleFootprint Lighting makes energy-saving LED desk lamps in the USA out of recycled e-waste.