Ideas for Made In the USA Gift Giving!

By Trish Holder

If you are like me, you get your best holiday gift ideas either too late or too early.  However, in the case of these three American made gifts, your timing might be just right.  These aren’t items that you can necessarily order at the last minute, but worth keeping in mind for next year.

I like these American made décor items because they have “family gift giving” written all over them.   I’m talking about those occasions where you need to lump all the members of a family into one gift because buying for every single person is too expensive and/or so stressful you’ll whip yourself into an anxiety attack just thinking about it.  Believe me, I’ve been there.

None of these are “throwaway” gifts.  They either serve a long-term purpose or, in the case of the wreath, are ultimately biodegradable.  Plus, they are all 100% made in the USA! In fact they are all made in my home state of North Carolina.

southern magnolia wreath

Southern magnolia wreath from Weston Farms

Grown AND Made in Wake County NC!

This Classic Parris Southern Magnolia Wreath is a mainstay item for Weston Farms.  The company CEO, Erin Weston, specializes in growing rare but hardy magnolia trees on a family farm, which she inherited a few years back.  She uses the green and velvety brown magnolia leaves to create wreaths, topiaries, and garlands, which can actually last several years.  She uses other plant species in her creations as well, including boxwood, cotton, conifers, and more to create natural seasonal décor.  The wreaths are so much more alluring than the artificial ones that most of us pull out and dust off each year.

Weston Farms has a great story, too.  Erin, the daughter of a North Carolina horticulturist, was living in New York, believing she was about to land her dream job as a gardening editor with Martha Stewart.  But the position was unexpectedly frozen which led Erin back to the family farm in Wake County where an inborn creativity and a love for growing things led her into this very unique niche.

Weston Farms wreaths and decor can be purchased online at, and occasionally at the NC State Farmers Market.

Braided Rug Baskets made in NC

Braided rug baskets from Capel Rugs

Capel Rug Baskets Made in Troy NC

I love any type of décor item that doubles as storage or a gift container. I can totally see these charming braided baskets by Capel Rugs filled to the brim with homemade Christmas treats – no wrapping necessary!   They are made primarily of wool and are available in a variety of colors and sizes just like the famous Capel braided rugs.  Fill one up with whatever you choose, tie a big bow or some holly and raffia on it and your good to go.  After the contents of the basket are consumed, the recipient is left with a sturdy, yet decorative storage item, perfect for toys, magazines, etc.

Capel Rugs is a North Carolina manufacturing icon.  Nearly a century old, the company still does its dyeing, spinning, braiding, and sewing in its Troy, NC mills.  In fact, I still remember their TV commercials from when I was a little girl.  Personally, I’d be delighted to receive just about anything (or nothing at all) in one of these North Carolina made totes.

San Souci Custom Santa made in NC

Custom Santa by San Souci Sisters

Family Heirloom Santa from San Souci Sisters

‘Fess up.  How many old, sentimental items do you have tucked away in drawers or attic boxes that you never look at, yet can’t bear to part with because they remind you of someone special?  It might be a pair of baby shoes or a threadbare pincushion, but there are some things we simply can’t part with.  Sadly, they just end up taking up space in the dark corners of our homes.

The San Souci Sisters have festive solution.  Along with their mom, sisters Donna Crissman and Kimberly Stone, began Sans Souci Sisters Family Heirloom and Holiday Décor, partly as a tribute to their dad, who was always their “Santa”.   They make a wide range of floor and tabletop Santas, standard and custom, in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Santas are frequently themed and incorporate dozens fine details that lead to one delightful discovery after another the longer you look.  No two Santas are alike, and many custom Santa’s incorporate the customer’s own family heirlooms.

These make wonderful, commemorative gifts, but you can also combine assorted keepsakes into a a fun, one-of-a-kind Santa that will become part of your own children’s Christmas landscape.

Which made in the USA gift idea do you like best?


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  1. Great post, Trish. Fun to learn about these Made in the US products.

  2. I Like the Family Heirloom

  3. I really like the baskets. Form and function always win for me! The Santa is beautiful! I would have to leave that out all year! Great Picks!!

  4. Trish;
    The baskets are my favorite. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    Chuck Hester

  5. Has to be the baskets because you can use them year round.

  6. I like the baskets made out of rugs. They are very attractive and useful. The santa is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing you wonderful ideas.

  7. Hi Trish, Nice write up. My favorite is definitely the baskets. They are colorful, charming & can be used in any room.

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