How To Repurpose Your Art

Monica Wilcox repurposes artwork

Monica Wilcox alternates artwork on a seasonal basis

By Monica Wilcox

I’ve been overtaken by art. This would a decorators dream if I lived in a museum. Unfortunately, I live in California, where home builders have perfected the notion of “downsized”.

When we moved here from the “bigger is better” state of Texas, I started by hanging the art pieces that worked the best with our home. My walls quickly filled up and I was left with a huge pile of framed art. For the next two years it ended up decorating the underside of my guest bed.

Since we’ve moved seven times in twenty years, the last thing I wanted to do was to donate all these pieces only to turn around and replace all of them when we moved. It’s very expensive and very hard on the environment. But I hate having stuff lurking in the dark spaces of my home. The weight of it screams “uncared for” and “discarded”. Besides, someone else could be enjoying the painting I’m using to collect dust balls. I had to figure out how to repurpose my favorite things.

The time came to pull it all out and get greenspirational.  

How to Repurpose What You Love

~Surround-Make your home a reflection of what you love most. You’re the one living with it so surround yourself with the things you

Green tricks from Monica Wilcox

Oceanic motif for the summer season

want to see everyday for the next twenty, thirty, sixty years. If you don’t love it, donate it to someone who will. I divided my pile into three piles: love, like, donate.  This made it much easier to focus only on the pieces I love most.

~Timeless- I love Monet. I still loved his print I bought back in 1992 but I’m tired of looking at it, which is probably the reason I haven’t hung it on a wall for four years. The biggest issue was its pastel blue frame, which fit our ’90 living room set but goes with nothing in our current house. The green lesson here: only buy decoration that is adaptable to many color schemes and styles. Shoot for timeless, forget trendy.

~Repurpose-If you still like the frame of a piece and it’s a common size, consider replacing the inside art inside with something new. When you do have a new piece of artwork, check out the art/frame section in your local thrift stores and garage sales.  I’m not the only one who has an overabundance of decoration. If you’re not comfortable framing the piece on your own, try negotiating with a local frame shop to do it for you.

~Shuffle-One of my favorite decorating tips is to switch out and shuffle the pieces on your wall. It’s human nature to stop seeing a piece within a few days of hanging it. Shifting your artwork around the house tends to draw you back into appreciating it.

How to downsize and repurpose your old artwork

Picture perfect for the fall season

There are a couple of ways you can do this without touching a hammer.  Take a piece off the wall then walk around your home, holding it over your other art pieces you’ve to see if it can be switched. Or you can take everything down and shuffle it all at once. I promise you’ll feel as if you’ve redecorated without spending a dime or touching the environment.

~Swap Out-Since I still had pieces I love that were not on a wall I decided to switch them out with the seasons. I took down a painting of the Louisiana coast and replaced it with my favorite fall print without moving the nail. Then I shuffled my vases and family pictures from other rooms and ended up with a nook that screams “pass the pumpkin pie”.

Have you found green tricks to keep your walls inspirational without harming Mother Earth?  Have you been stuck in a decorating crux?  Have you ever collected decorative trinkets only to find you’ve lost interest in them a year or two later? We’d love to hear more about how to repurpose our most prized possessions from you!



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  1. Love your ideas & some remind me of living in Japan where they swap things by season, not only the art on their walls but also the tea ceremony changes to reflect the environment and what’s in season.

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