Green Home Décor Advice: Natural Clay for Walls!

Several of the walls in my 2-year old home already need a fresh coat of paint. It seems that each day I notice a new smudge or fingerprint. We chose light-colored, flat paint for most areas of the home, which is a mistake in any space that is frequented by children. (Apparently if you are under the age of 16, a wall doesn’t really exist unless you touch it.) However, there are a few walls in our house that still look perfect. This is a success story I’d like to share with anyone who hates to paint.

The walls in our kitchen, everyday dining area, family room, and powder room have all been covered in a natural clay treatment called Lotus Wall Clay that looks as beautiful as it did the day we moved in. I have been so pleased with this wall finish that I’ll probably use it in the side entry vestibule that gets so much abuse.

Why I Love This Sustainable Wall Treatment
People worry (as did I) that a water-based clay treatment is somehow fragile. It is not. Plus, it’s a lot easier to repair a “ding” in it than a smooth paint finish. We have a hardened chunk of touch-up clay (pre-colored) that we could use for this purpose, but the truth is, we haven’t noticed anything that needs touching up.

The possibilities for texture and color are limitless since color can be applied before or after the clay is on the wall and you control how smooth or rough you want the surface to be. As I said, we used the product in the primary living and eating areas of our home. In these spaces, the installers applied the mixture directly to the drywall using trowels and a 2-step texturing process. The clay was pre-tinted with our own paint colors, so once it was applied and cured, there was nothing else to do. In the powder room, the installers added some additional accent color after applying the material to the wall.

If you are a person who loves to change her décor, you can paint over the clay treatment or, for a more eco-friendly solution, you can also go over the existing treatment with a new layer Lotus Wall Clay.

Here’s what I personally love about this product:

  • It looks fabulous and no other person in the world has walls quite like mine
  • Unquestionably it will save me the time, money, hassle and waste associated with repainting walls every few years
  • It doesn’t have the same tendency to crack the way a painted surface does
  • It contains a natural mold inhibitor ingredient. (Good, because I’m sort of a mold phobic…)
  • It helps reduce odors inside the house, which is really nice considering we have a lot of smelly soccer gear, a litter box, and a tendency to burn food
  • It has a negative ion characteristic that helps balance positive ion charges in the air, thus reducing static electricity


Finally, I will make a shameless pitch for the delightful people that created Lotus Wall Clay, Jim and Marie Dubois, the owners of Alternative Building Supply near Winston-Salem, NC.

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