Challenge: Eliminate toxins from CPVC, and heavy metals from copper piping, for potable water.

Solution: Aquatherm Greenpipe® for the home’s domestic water system

Result: Over 500 feet of inert, non-leeching, polypropylene-random pipe installed at a cost lower than copper and without toxins associated with copper or CPVC

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Mickey Dietrich sought a green piping option for his family’s new home in Lowville, NY. “I wanted to make sure that I knew I did everything I possibly could to make sure my family had the safest living environment that I could provide for them, while at the same time, also making the home as energy efficient as possible and trying to do it on a budget,” he said.

In November 2009, he stumbled upon a unique and new-to-North America piping option while designing the 1,000-plus-sq-ft home that would incorporate passive solar, geothermal, and other environmentally friendly features. “I didn’t want CPVC because of the solvents and glue that are needed. I didn’t want copper because of possible metals getting into the water and the expense. I didn’t want PEX piping because I had researched it and found that it could contain flame retardant and can affect the taste of the water you drink,” he recalled.

An Inert Alternative
Dietrich discovered Aquatherm, Inc.’s polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe systems. Aquatherm is fully recyclable system that has enjoyed 35-plus years of success in over 70

countries around the world. The company makes pipe for nearly all plumbing HVAC and industrial pipe applications.

Aquatherm Greenpipe® is designed specifically for potable water applications and eliminates the need for toxic materials, glues and resins, and open flames in piping installations. The pipe is chemically inert (which means it is not readily reactive with other elements, completely non-leaching, corrosion-free and has an R-value of 1.

The heat fusion process used to connect Aquatherm piping is simple and creates seamless connections that last a lifetime when properly executed. The pipe and desired fitting are simply inserted onto an Aquatherm welding device and heated for a specified time (typically only seconds), then joined together.

Putting it together
Dietrich purchased Aquatherm’s welding iron for fusing up to 2-inch pipe, and he his mechanical contractor, Stephen M. Ripp, of Ripp Construction, received on-the-job training from Aquatherm (necessary for the company’s unmatched 10-year warranty). Then they installed over 500 linear feet of Aquatherm Greenpipe, in sizes ranging from ½-inch to and ¾-inch, which supplies the home’s domestic water and a geothermal unit, which pre-heats the hot water.

“I knew that it was going to cost less than copper, and the fact that there were no leaks from the Aquatherm piping when the system went live, it did not cost me anything to do repairs for leaks,” he said.