FLOR Carpet Tiles: USA-Made, Recyclable, and FUN FUN FUN!

FLOR carpet tilesBy Trish Holder

If I known about FLOR carpet design squares when I was building the Greenspiration Home I would have seriously considering using them in our bonus room. I say that now, since shortly after we moved in, my daughter’s birthday sleepover party resulted in a green paint stain on my brand new, wall-to-wall carpet in the bonus room.  If I had FLOR carpet tiles, I’d have simply popped up the tile with the stain and put another in its place.  As it is, that stain now resides under a floor cloth I made specifically to cover it.   Live and learn.

Life’s little mishaps aside, how fun are these carpet tiles!  Using the impressive selection of colors, textures and designs from FLOR, you can mix and match your way to a one-of-a-kind floor covering masterpiece.  And the names of the design squares are as fun as the idea itself! FLOR staffers must have a ball coming up with names like  Made You LookTM and Heavy PetalTM for their designs.

My personal favorite shown here is HeirloomTM.  I’m completely taken with the sophisticated look, which belies the fact that this is, in fact, a carpet tile.  It’s a far cry from the nursery school color block styles that typically spring to mind when you think of this type of floor covering.

Installing FLOR Carpet TilesHow Do FLOR Carpet Tiles Work?

FLOR carpet tiles are designed to got together using FLOR’s patented FLORdots which are one-sided, non-toxic adhesives that connect to the bottom of each square – not the flor.  According to FLOR, the adhesive is specially formulated to allow for changes or rearrangements within the first few hours with the bond growing stronger over time.  The backing on the squares are designed to “hug” the floor for a virtually non–skid surface that eliminates the need for extra padding.

Are they difficult to assemble?  Not at all says company spokesperson, Abigail Rechenthin.

“FLOR is super easy to assemble.  Think of it as building a rug from the inside out. One-sided, non-toxic adhesives stick to the bottom of each square– sticky side up.  Each square then adheres to its neighbor–not to the floor– for sturdy, secure positioning that holds area rugs, runners and wall-to-wall designs in place.  No glue, no tacks required!”

FLOR carpet tilesRecycle Your Carpet Tiles – It’s On FLOR!

While I haven’t experienced the product firsthand, there’s a lot to like about FLOR– including the fact that 95% of their product assortment is USA-made in Georgia.  Then there’s the fact that all new FLOR styles are now made using 100% recycled nylon face fibers made from icky things like discarded plastic bottles and fishing nets.  But what really blows my mind is the company’s “Return & Recycle Program” that provides FLOR users with a pre-paid UPS return label when they need to send back their old FLOR squares so the can be recycled.   That’s just as good as curbside pick-up – and it’s free!

Once received, the face fibers and backing are cleaned and separated.  The nylon face fibers are then sent to FLOR’s fiber partners to be reconstituted into new, recycled nylon fibers.  This new post-consumer recycled fiber is available for purchase to be used in future products.  The backing is shredded into small pieces, heated, melted and converted back into raw materials for use in future products.  FLOR squares returned through the company’s Return & Recycle Program are guaranteed not to end up in a landfill.

Got kids, pets, and avid wine drinkers in your home like we do?  If so, this is one American-made product worth checking out.


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  1. Hmmm, sounds like a wonderful idea and has me thinking ($ savings & reuse) about the basement (bonus room)!

    When we are going to replace the carpet in the house I might just have to try taking the good sections of the existing carpet (under beds, couches, furniture. . .) and cutting them into a modern carpet design pattern for that basement floor and if I don’t have quite enough pieces, pick up a remnant! Might have to try sticking some velcro or ??? on the edges so they stick together or something sticky to the back but maybe it would just work? Maybe then a stain would just become part of the character – lol!

    Just thinkin’

    BTW, how does FLOR pricing compare to standard carpet tiles? Cost is still one of the deciding factors, around here anyway.

  2. If the FLOR tiles are made of nylon, what are the VOC emissions from putting down a new carpet?
    Do you know if they have a rating?


    • Michelle,

      First of all — love your website! Usually I don’t allow links in my comment section, but your website truly cracked me up. Your “Winter Garden” post made me laugh out loud — it sounded soo very familiar to me. Would love it if you would contribute a post to Greenspiration Home sometime!

      Second, according to the FLOR website, “Most FLOR styles meet or exceed the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus standards for low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).” And there is a link that explains what those standards are!

      Best wishes,


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