Driftwood Lamp Has Enduring Artisanal Quality

Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood Lamp from Lowcountry Originals

By Trish Holder

“The only difference between us and the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Olympia Dukakis – From the film “Steel Magnolias”

Ms. Dukakis may have had a point, but the fact is if you are trying to accessorize your home with American made products, it’s not as simple as it may sound.  Inexpensive (cheap?) imports make it all too tempting to fill our homes with baubles that give us instant gratification (until it breaks) at the expense of our own economy.

That’s the first reason we chose Lowcountry Originals and this gorgeous driftwood lamp for our American Made “Pick-of-the-Week.”  Not only does the lamp have style and originality, it is totally American made.  Even the driftwood was plucked from a low country shore.  The second reason we like this company so much is their answer to our question, “What do you do to stay competitive with Asian imports?”

“We have no competitors from the Asian imports at this time,” replied, Sherry Jaffe, spokesperson for the company.

Was this naïve or just super-confident?  Given the high-end, artisanal style of items from Lowcountry Originals, we tend to think it is the latter.  We like their originality and we like their attitude.

Inspired by Nature

Lowcountry Originals makes their products out of elements from nature such as oyster shells, reeds and various metals — all indicative of the lowcountry, a geographic and cultural region located along South Carolina’s coast.  The company uses local artisans who are gifted in their trade and who live in the lowcountry region.  Its sustainability initiatives are simply to create something that is one of a kind that people can enjoy and pass down generation to generation.

“Most of our fixtures are unique and beautiful for the simple reason that they truly come from nature,” added Jaffe.


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