Contemporary Meets Cozy with Typewriter Pillows from Corona Décor!

By Trish Holder

Something about these pillows from Corona Décor makes me want to laugh out loud.  Know what I mean?

Make no mistake, pillows that can be arranged into cyber lingo (or just about any other clever message) aren’t the only thing I like about this Seattle, Washington pillow manufacturer.  As the daughter of a full-time, work-at-home seamstress myself, I love the fact that nearly all of Corona’s production staff is made up of moms who work from home!  I must have spent thousands of hours playing in my mom’s sewing room, making Barbie doll clothes from whatever scraps fell from the cutting table.  I have no doubt some of these mom’s are providing their own kids with some very cherished memories.

(Ah!  N-O-S-T-A-L-G-I-A….)

Of course, Corona does more than lettered pillows.  They pretty much have it all from solids to holiday motifs – but nothing is ordinary.  There is always just a little bit more personality in the designs they create and the fabric patterns they choose.  And they make all of their products in Seattle, using materials from all over the world, including the USA.  It’s all great – we just happen to love the quirky letter pillows the best.

“The typewriter pillows are amazing! We do very well with them,” said Linda Brecht, Managing Director for Corona.    “We offer 15 different letters and a “&” to combine initials.  We love creating fun text messages and abbreviations such as LOL or XOXOX .”

So, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your BFF who never stops texting, this one might make you both LOL.  IMHO.

Consumers can find these and the entire Corona pillow collection at or


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