The Spirit of Asheville LIVES in Furnishings from The Old Wood Co.

Scotch cocktail table from The Old Wood Co.

Scotch cocktail table from The Old Wood Co.

By Trish Holder

Bourbon?  Scotch?  Moon Pie?

You can pick your poison when it comes to furnishings from The Old Wood Co. It’s all aged to perfection, from the two-top scotch cocktail table to the Moon Pie side table.   Character, craftsmanship, and an occasional bit of whimsy season each and every piece from this American furniture manufacturer, located in a 10,000-square foot space in the River Arts District of Asheville.

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A Tabletop Worth Talking About From Recherché Furnishings

Unique tabletop on reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed wood table from Recherché Furnishings with CliffStone™ tabletop.

By Trish Holder

Sometimes I think American furniture manufacturers forget to how important it is to really talk about their furniture.  Perhaps it’s because many are shy artisans, who are simply more comfortable making the furniture than selling or talking about it.  Perhaps, regrettably, they just don’t think anyone cares.  Those that sit quietly by while people like me admire their craftsmanship and creativity should take a lesson from Cliff Hand, owner of Recherché Furnishings.

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Eco-Friendly Floorcloths Incorporate True Artist’s Spirit

"African Dance" floorcloth

By Celine De Perlinghi Johanson

I wish I’d known about artist Annie Horkan and Studio Bliss Floorcloths when I was living in my college dorm.  The color and pattern of Annie’s “African Dance” floorcloth would have added some imaginative fun and flair to the room’s four piercing white walls.  I spent hours studying German manuscripts in that room – I could have used the lift.

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Simply Unforgettable Pottery from Kate Johnston

NC Pottery

Passion Flower Flask by NC Potter Kate Johnston

By Trish Holder

North Carolina was blessed with an extraordinary new potter the day New Jersey native, Kate Johnston, transplanted herself into the renowned clay soil of Seagrove, NC.

I discovered the rare talents of this twenty-something artisan this past spring, while my husband and I were browsing through a quaint gallery and gift shop in Southern Pines, NC.  The storeowner overheard me praise a collection of clay pots with intricate carvings and subtle metallic sheen.  They were lovely and symmetrical without being the least bit boring. Continue reading ›

Inside A Mosaic Artist’s Head

mosaic art

“Lizards in the Sun” mosaic by Janice Schmidt

By Trish Holder

I like Janice Schmidt’s style – and I’m not just talking about the gorgeous mosaic artwork and home accessories she creates.  She’s open, personable and very real.

I had a pleasant conversation with Janice at the High Point Furniture Market this spring where I found myself captivated by her work, including our American Made Pick-of-the-Week, “Lizards in the Sun”.  Janice chatted enthusiastically with me about a great grout she had discovered called “Crystal Glass Grout” that takes on the color of whatever shade of glass an artist uses.  I like it when artists invite me into the “technical” side of their craft.

Aside from being a wonderful artist, Janice, it turns out, is a great communicator, something that I noted when we interviewed her for this feature.  In fact, I found her responses so eloquent and interesting I’m breaking from my typical “Pick-of-the-Week” format so that I can share word-for-word her responses to our questions.

Here’s what Janice had to say about the art of mosaics…. Continue reading ›

“Mood Rocking Bed” Good for More than Just Sleeping

Rocking Bed

"Mood Rocking Bed" from Shiner International

By Trish Holder

Does this bed come with the beach?  If so, tuck me in!

Okay – maybe I just need a vacation… or a nap… or both, but this picture just about brought me to my knees with a mysterious longing.  It comes courtesy of Shiner International’s founder and Vice President, Joe Manus.  The “Mood Rocking Bed”, our American Made Pick-of-the-Week is one of Shiner’s most popular and iconic designs.  Its elliptical shape was inspired by the distorted wheel rim of a wrecked motorcycle – Manus’ motorcycle.  He was sitting on the side of the road, waiting for a friend to come and pick him up after an unfortunate encounter with a large rock. Continue reading ›

FLOR Carpet Tiles: USA-Made, Recyclable, and FUN FUN FUN!

FLOR carpet tilesBy Trish Holder

If I known about FLOR carpet design squares when I was building the Greenspiration Home I would have seriously considering using them in our bonus room. I say that now, since shortly after we moved in, my daughter’s birthday sleepover party resulted in a green paint stain on my brand new, wall-to-wall carpet in the bonus room.  If I had FLOR carpet tiles, I’d have simply popped up the tile with the stain and put another in its place.  As it is, that stain now resides under a floor cloth I made specifically to cover it.   Live and learn.

Life’s little mishaps aside, how fun are these carpet tiles!  Using the impressive selection of colors, textures and designs from FLOR, you can mix and match your way to a one-of-a-kind floor covering masterpiece.  And the names of the design squares are as fun as the idea itself! FLOR staffers must have a ball coming up with names like  Made You LookTM and Heavy PetalTM for their designs. Continue reading ›

Surf-rider Table: Inspired, American Made Design by ADG

"Surf-rider" sofa table from Architectural Detail Group

By Trish Holder

We love a great story and this “Surf-rider” sofa table, designed by Gerald Olesker of Architectural Detail Group (ADG), has one.

The original design was commissioned by an unnamed film industry professional in Malibu, California.  ADG had designed some exterior lanterns for the client’s beachfront home (using reclaimed rusted lanterns), which prompted the client to invite the ADG team inside.  Before long they were collaborating on sofa table design….and the “Surf-rider” table quickly came to life on paper.  Continue reading ›

Upcycled Wood Chandelier Puts New Spin on Old Stuff

Upcycled Chandelier

Upcycled Chandelier from Born Again Wood Works

By Trish Holder

At Greenspiration Home, we don’t discriminate based on size.  It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large US manufacturer, we simply love featuring interesting and beautiful American made décor – even if your store resides only on  Case-in-point is this upcycled wood chandelier with cage lighting made with reclaimed wood by Born Again Wood Works.

Amber and Dustin Schumacher started building home décor items using reclaimed materials several years ago when Dustin’s carpentry business slowed along with the construction market in southern California. Continue reading ›

Servant Leadership Yields Well Crafted, American Made Design at Hickory Chair

hickory chair bar stool

Ilsa Counter Stool from Hickory Chair

By Trish Holder

One of the highlights of my fall Furniture Market experience was touring the Hickory Chair showroom. And while my American Made Décor Pick-of-the Week is in fact a chair, I found so much more to appreciate about this company besides its distinctively sleek approach to classic furniture design.

Personally, I experienced a lot of “I want this and I want that” while walking the 25,000 sq. ft. showroom in High Point, NC. From dining tables to upholstered dressers (yes, I said upholstered dressers), there was a lot of visual intrigue. But Hickory Chair Furniture Co., founded in 1911, is a special company for reasons besides its furniture, 90% of which is made in Hickory, NC. Continue reading ›