“Mood Rocking Bed” Good for More than Just Sleeping

Rocking Bed

"Mood Rocking Bed" from Shiner International

By Trish Holder

Does this bed come with the beach?  If so, tuck me in!

Okay – maybe I just need a vacation… or a nap… or both, but this picture just about brought me to my knees with a mysterious longing.  It comes courtesy of Shiner International’s founder and Vice President, Joe Manus.  The “Mood Rocking Bed”, our American Made Pick-of-the-Week is one of Shiner’s most popular and iconic designs.  Its elliptical shape was inspired by the distorted wheel rim of a wrecked motorcycle – Manus’ motorcycle.  He was sitting on the side of the road, waiting for a friend to come and pick him up after an unfortunate encounter with a large rock.

“I was 14, I needed a bed and I guess my endorphins were at their pinnacle because on the drive home I sketched the bed.  It has matured over the years into its current form, but has always been a special tour de force design of mine,” said Manus.

Are we surprised that he named Shiner International after his first black eye?

“The “Alchemy” of Shiner…”

Clearly this is one furniture designer who approaches his work with a visceral passion–a passion that has served him well.  Manus launched the company, which makes bedding, seating, lighting and accessories, in January 2010 and has since experienced rapid growth.  In 2012 he sold the company to Home Source International (HSI), an Atlanta, Georgia, company and was hired as the leading design conspirator.

Under the wing of HSI, Shiner International has had extraordinary growth in a very short time.  Just this year, the company opened a 300,000 square feet manufacturing plant in Marianna, Florida, where every piece of Shiner furniture is made, often using repurposed wood, steel, and other materials.

“They are mostly the bastard materials of our industry. It is easy to make a nice chair out of Brazilian mahogany or a lampshade out of silk…. those are beautiful materials. The higher level of design is taking materials that aren’t inherently beautiful like cardboard or plywood and turning them into something great; that’s the alchemy of Shiner,” said Manus.

If the Bed’s A-rockin’….

It turns out the “Mood Rocking Bed” is good for a lot more than just nighttime sleep.  According to Manus, people have bought it to put on the patio or by the pool and even as a substitute for a sofa. Some love it for its therapeutic rest properties, while another large following covet it for its love making attributes.  Several customers have even purchased the bed to assuage the symptoms of Autism.

“It seems like the bed has no end to what it is good for and as the designer it is a gift to be able to help sooth so many parts of our human condition. I look at it like this…. you spend a third of your life in bed, so shouldn’t it be an incredible third?”

Shiner International furnishings can be purchased at brick and mortar retailers all over the country, as well as online.  To find out where you can purchase this bed or other Shiner creations, visit www.homesourceinternational.com.


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