Midori Passive Haus: How Much Energy Did We Use In Our First Year?

haircut for locks for love

When her home's energy retrofit was complete, Chie Kawahara celebrated by cutting off her hair and donating it to Locks for Love.

Reprinted with permission from midorihaus.blogspot.com

By Chie Kawahara

About one year ago I cut off 30-inches of my hair and donated the half-pound of hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children.  I’ve done this a few times before and it makes me feel good.  In the past friends would often ask me, “How’s your house project coming along?” and at times it seemed to go on forever.  So at one point I started telling everyone, “You’ll know when it’s done because I’ll cut off my hair and donate it.  If you see me with short hair that means the house is done!”  So I was quite happy when I had this photo taken because it meant the house was done and I didn’t need the extra insulation to keep me warm.

Now that we’ve been living in the Midori Haus for one year it’s time we share our energy data for the first year of occupancy. Continue reading ›

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